Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes


Pamper the moms in your life this weekend! Here is a list of the best easy Mother's Day brunch recipes to make for her this weekend.

Muffins in Tin for Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Our mom's do so much for us, so it is only fitting that we take some time to give back to them for one special day! There is no better way to celebrate mom than with a beautiful spread for brunch that incorporates her favorite foods. Here are some of my favorite Mother's Day brunch ideas from the blog.

Easy Chicken Sausage Frittata

Chicken Sausage Frittata for Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

This is a great easy recipe that you can make ahead of time. I love recipes like this for a special occasion because most of the work is already done for you when your event is happening. Recipes like this truly eliminate so much stress and made setting up your brunch spread for mom easy! Frittatas are also a favorite egg dish of mine for the different variations you can incorporate into them with seasonal ingredients. This frittata uses delicious yet healthy chicken breakfast sausage out of its casings and delicious produce. While the recipe calls for havarti cheese, parmesan cheese, feta cheese or creamy goat cheese would be lovely in this frittata too!

Healthy Eggs Benedict

Healthy Eggs Benedict for Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

This healthy take on the classic is perfect for a sit-down brunch in honor of mom. Eggs benedict is also one of my favorite egg recipes! The hollandaise sauce is lightened up with yogurt. lemon juice and egg yolks. English muffins topped with healthy spinach, perfectly poached eggs and the creamy hollandaise sauce - nothing gets better! I recommend serving with some fresh fruit and hash browns for the perfect brunch.

Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs for Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Scrambled eggs are perfect for any brunch menu! My recipe goes into great detail about how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. A method that has been passed down from my great grandmother to me! These are the perfect addition to any healthy breakfast. If you'd like to add more treats to your meal, I recommend serving with crispy potatoes. For a mix of sweet and savory, these eggs would be great with fluffy waffles or fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup! When I want to jazz up my scrambled eggs I melt some cheddar cheese into them. It adds the most amazing flavor and texture!

Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins

Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins for Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

For moms with a sweet tooth, this one is for you! This is an easy brunch recipe to prepare ahead. The fresh blueberries in this are amazing with the streusel topping. It's such a sweet treat! If your mom is not a fan of blueberries, you could always swap them for some chocolate chips. These are the perfect sweet gesture to serve this weekend. I recommend serving these with a selection of pastries such as croissants or cinnamon rolls and fresh berries.

Turkish Style Poached Eggs

Turkish Style Poached Eggs for Easy Mother's Day Recipes

These eggs are amazingly decadent and flavorful! They are perfect to serve on the big day! Perfectly poached eggs are served in a creamy yogurt with the most incredible spiced butter. The yolk oozes together with the sauce and yogurt to make the most incredible combination of flavors and textures. The best way to serve this dish is in a bowl with toasted golden brown crusty bread. Dip your bread in the oozy goodness and savor your delicious brunch. This is a meal your mom is sure to love!

Simple Asparagus Frittata

Simple Asparagus Frittata for for Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Asparagus is perfect for a spring brunch! I love it in this frittata, which is great to meal prep before the big day. As I have said before, frittatas are a great way to incorporate veggies and other healthy ingredients into a delicious meal! Serve with a spicy tomato sauce to add some kick to your brunch. With some cheese in it, this is a Mother's day morning meal the whole family with love! I recommend you serve this with a fruit salad on the side for the perfect delicious and light morning meal.

Mom's Citrus Bran Loaf

Mom's Citrus Bran Loaf for Easy for Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

I absolutely love this loaf. It is so delicious and healthy. As with other recipes on this list, you can make this ahead too! Although, I personally prefer this fresh out of the oven while it is still warm. The citrus flavors and texture are amazing together. I also love how you can slice and serve to everyone easily! Trust me, your family will eat the whole thing in one sitting - it is just that good!

Even More Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Here are even more recipes for you to check to prepare the perfect Mother's Day breakfast!

Other Tips for Mother's Day

I'm sure making any of these easy Mother's day brunch recipes will make mom's day, but here are some tips to make it even more special for mom!

Do not forget to get your mom flowers! Hot coffee or a pot of tea are a must. You could even go the extra mile and serve mimosas with some prosecco and fresh squeezed orange juice are also a perfect way to toast to all that our moms do for us! If your mom is not into mimosas, a bloody Mary or Caesar would be great too!


Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

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